Roadmap: Process and Deadlines

While the Showcase in April is an event, the competition is a 6-month process designed to ensure that you are ready and qualified for the Showcase. 


The Fall event program (Kickoff, Business Model Workshop, and Elevator Pitch Contest) is intended to be developmental, provided as a service to the competitors looking to develop their business models and recruit their teams. Particpation in these events is highly recommended but not strictly required. Often the most committed and succesful mentors are recruited in october and November, long before the qualifiying deadlines in December. 

The Spring program is designed for SHowcase teams selected a the Qualifiers in December. It is more formal and includes a number of hurdles intended to ensure that ... 

  • You are eligible and ready for the Showcase
  • Your team owns the business it is promoting to investors
  • Mentoring, services from sponsors, and other resources are allocated fairly and economically
  • The work being promoted is of high quality and reflects positively on Fairfield University and the competition sponsors
  • Investors get the information they need to make informed decisions and recommendations    

Mandatory Events and Deadlines

  1. Qualifiers. Teams are required to demonstrate that they have met the Qualifying Criteria prior to the Qualifying round. (Detailed criteria will be given to the teams at the Business Model Workshop in November.) The Executive Board and Sponsors will then select up to 6 teams to present at the Showcase in April. Qualifying teams are encouraged to continue to recruit new members and even new mentors in the weeks leading up the Showcase. 
  2. Founder's Day. All Showcase teams must be registered with the Executive Board by the end of the mandatory Founder's Day event in January. Registration details will be given at the event. (Teams may, however, continue to recruit new members and mentors after Founders Day.) This event will also likely be your first chance to engage our sponsors, many of whom can provide useful services to you as you develop your business.
  3. Weekly Workshops. To keep the teams on track throughout February and March with a minimum of fuss, there will be weekly mentoring sessions to step them through customer validation, product design, financial modeling, branding, pitch preparation, investor materials, and other aspects of a professional investor proposal. The sessions are only one hour, from 5 to 6pm on Thursday nights. Founders: please keep that time free when scheduling classes in November.
  4. Preview Night.  All teams must have reviewed their work with a mentor before Preview Night in March. It is the mentor's job to certify that the team will beready for the Showcase in April. 
  5. Final Submission. On the Friday before the Showcase the StagUp Executive Board will send promotional materials to interested investors (including the investor panel). This is intended to both help promote the event and the student teams. Each team is expected to prepare a brief profile describing their business idea, the team, and your goals for the Showcase. If your team submits a video we will gladly include it in our materials for investors.
  6. Showcase. Teams will be invited to a VIP reception just prior to the Showcase where they can network with the investor panel and other invited guests. At the public event they will each have 5 minutes to pitch their ideas, with the investor panel having another 5 minutes for feedback, questions, and funding decisions. While questions from the audience will not be allowed, plan on making yourselves available for at least 30 minutes afterwards to interact with the audience.